Private Pilot Ground School

The private pilot ground school at Spring City Aviation (SCA) is a comprehensive introduction to the primary concepts of general aviation designed to aid in the successful completion of the required FAA knowledge test and more importantly, to equip individuals new to general aviation, with a knowledge base that keeps them safe. This is not a 3 day “cram” session to pass an exam. This is instead, a carefully prepared classroom experience designed to integrate flight training with knowledge of how and why the aircraft responds to pilot inputs, weather and other flight stresses. Emphasis is placed upon thorough understanding of aerodynamics, instrumentation, engine systems, FAA rules and regulations (FAR/AIM), weather and navigation. Course content is designed to complement both FAR requirements for content knowledge and the oral examination elements which accompany a final check ride for certification as a private pilot.

The class is taught by experienced instructor pilots, with advanced ground instructor ratings, assuring students a knowledgeable classroom teaching experience. The class meets from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (1800 hrs-2000 hrs) on Wednesday evenings at the main terminal conference center located at the Waukesha County airport. Handout materials, overheads and related educational supplements are provided.  Sign up soonest to assure a seat in the class. Call the SCA front desk, 262-547-8988 or have your current flight instructor sign you up.