Ground Schools

Spring City Aviation enjoys a tradition of insistence upon high standards for safety and thorough training in all aspects of our work in general aviation (GA). Our Ground Schools are no exception.

Comprehensive classroom experience is provided to students seeking formal ground schools at the Private, Instrument and Commercial levels. Additionally, we offer a Biennial Flight Review (BFR) Refresher Course, as well as Flying Companion/Pinch Hitter ground schools.

The ground schools at SCA are not two-day cramming sessions. If you seek comprehensive, detail-driven preparation, designed to ready a student for both the FAA written knowledge test and to assure a working knowledge of critical aviation concepts, consider the ground school experience at Spring City Aviation. Our ground school training program is directed by experiences, senior level and advanced FAA certified instructors. The typical ground school is a 10 week, 2 hour weekly classroom session, with additional handouts and instructional aids. We teach at the airfield, allowing a "see and touch" approach for aircraft, engines and instruments.

Aerodynamics, Instruments, FAR/AIM regulations, Introductory and Advanced Navigation and Weather and related specific flight training material is provided to our students. Our pass rates for the FAA written tests are routinely 90% or better because of the insistence upon preparation and demonstrated understanding of the material.

Whether you are just getting started in your aviation training, refreshing yourself to acquire recency, or just fascinated with "how they stay up there"...we encourage you to participate in our professional ground schools.

For class dates and costs, please visit the "Event Calendar" tab above, or contact us any time:

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Phone: 262-547-8988