Gavin Leake

Gavin Leake - Chief Flight Instructor, Charter PIC, Aircraft Broker, Marketing Manager

Gavin has been with Spring City Aviation since 2006, and is a long-time Flight Instructor and Airline Transport Pilot. He is a Pilot in Command on Spring City Aviation's On-Demand Air Charter service, and also manages aircraft sales and acquisitions. Additionally, Gavin oversees marketing, public relations and community involvement activities for SCA. 

  Gavin holds the following credentials:

Pilot Certificates and Ratings: Airline Transport Pilot - Multi Engine Land, Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Land. Certified Flight Instructor(CFI) ASEL/AMEL, Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument Airplane.

Gavin has over 6,400 flight hours, including over 3,900 as a flight instructor. He has experience in the following airplanes, among others:

Cessna: 150/152, 172, 177/177RG, 182/182RG, 206, 210 & T210, 340A, 402B, 414A, 421B & 421C, Citation SII, Citation Mustang, Citation 560. Piper: Tri Pacer, Warrior, Dakota, Arrow, Archer, Cherokee 6, Saratoga and Turbo Saratoga, Seneca, Aztec, Navajo, J3 Cub. Beechcraft: Baron, D95A Travel Air, F33, V35A/B, A36, BE60 Duke, King Air C90, King Air E90, King Air 350. Mooney: M20F, M20K. Ercoupe 415, Aviat Husky, Cirrus SR22, American Champion 7ECA Citabria, Flight Design CT. Gavin has completed a FITS-approved G1000 Transition course and has extensive experience with Garmin G1000/750/650/530/430 avionics packages, as well as the Avidyne Entegra system. He is also a Cirrus Standardized Instructor (CSIP).