Cessna 421C

Spring City Aviation utilizes a Cessna 421C for Air Charter operations. With room for 6 passengers and a cruising speed of 240 miles per hour, the 421 is an excellent option for travel in the US and Canada. Passengers can converse comfortably in the quiet cabin, due to the geared engines which turn at a lower RPM in flight than comparable aircraft. Cruise in pressurized comfort at 20,000 feet, above most weather and turbulence with your favorite snack and beverage in hand. Conduct business or just relax and enjoy the ride on the way to your destination. We're happy to accommodate your flight request, whether it's for a quick hop across the state, or a multi-day business trip to several cities. One and two-pilot crews are available, depending on your preference, flight times and requirements. We're confident that you'll enjoy the comfort and convenience of our Cessna 421, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Feel free to call us any time: 262-547-8988